Hello to the entire OrcaX community !

What will medium be used for ?

To communicate in a clear and concise way all the important information about the OrcaX project progress.
Audits, important website updates, roadmap checkpoints or any other news we consider important.

This first post will introduce the OrcaX project to all the newcomers as well as briefly summarize what happened during the first three days of launch.

What is OrcaX ?

OrcaX is a token on the Binance Smart Chain that aims to donate a percentage of each transaction made to the charity represented by Binance Charity Foundation.

How does it work ?

OrcaX (OX) is a deflationary token which means that with…

What happened in the last few days ?
All these questions that you were waiting for !

Small summary of the news since Friday, April 23, the last week has been treated in this post that I invite.

Thursday evening was published a first audit by Bscchecker that you can consult here. This is neither the first nor the last audit planned by OrcaX.

Friday was a transition day for the OrcaX team, we met to organize the next steps. We took advantage of the general market downturn to slow down…

A small summary of everything we’ve done since the launch of OrcaX.

OrcaX was officially launched on Monday, April 19th but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, we have been for more than a week now.

We contacted a lot of influencers before we even launched anything.
We planned 2 weeks of during the first two weeks of the project’s life.

Monday April 19th

The presale was done on DxSale on Monday April 19th at 1 pm UTC.

The presale was completed in less than a minute and we were able to move on to the rest of our operations.

In less than 15 minutes after the…


Official medium of OrcaX

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